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Ivanna Gecelter

The Boss


Ivanna's love for fashion started at a young age when Barbie was a big part of her childhood years; she became inspired by style and expressing oneself through clothing, so much so that she decided to go to college for Fashion Business. While deciding whether to go into buying or product development, Ivanna was offered an opportunity right out of school on the wholesale side of the industry, and realized that this was her calling. Having gained tremendous experience working for reputable brands and agencies for 12 years, she knew the next step in her path would be to start her own business.

Evolve began as a venture to change the same, dated model that has been lingering for many years in the wholesale industry.

Ivanna's personal approach to help retailers grow is a philosophy she strongly stands by!

Evolve is continuously introducing exciting new brands to the market and giving buyers/retailers fresh, passionate, and innovative views to keep their business progressing.


Alicia Tsiambas

The Style Queen

Alicia started her career in sales by knocking on doors and making cold calls 40 hours a day before she left that world and had three beautiful kids. 

She discovered her passion for fashion and also her addiction to caffeine when she started her role at Evolve as an Account Executive. Alicia loves building relationships with her customers, trying on every single sample when it comes in, and will always tell you if something doesn't look good.